Connecting the Threads…

Growing up in a small village on the island of Rhodes, Greece, Kula Tsurdiu’s childhood was enriched with generations of traditions, family values and treasured memories.

Kula watched her grandma raising silk worms and dyeing their coccoons to create silk thread for embroideries that would become family heirlooms. And surrounded by generations of family tailors starting from her great uncle Nicholas Kavadas, who emigrated in the 1930s to France to learn the art of tailoring, to the lace making and cornelli embroidery that was handcrafted by her uncle Kostas Dontas. 

Her biggest inspiration however was Kula’s late mother, who inspired a little girl to continue her journey, to travel, learn and develop her passion and skills to become a highly regarded Bridal Designer. 

Kula’s passion and determination took her to the Lace Market in Nottingham, England, where she completed her studies in fashion design and creative pattern cutting.

Love, Heritage and Celebration are the encompassing elements which influence Kula Tsurdiu’s impeccable design integrity and craftsmanship.

A Kula Tsurdiu gown is an affair of the heart from the beginning to the very last detail.

Kula’s obsession for Nottingham Lace…

Studying fashion in the very heart of the Lace Market, Kula was fascinated by the incredible craftsmanship of Nottinghams Lacemakers. Inspired by the 200 year history of Nottingham’s thriving Lace making industry and saddened by it’s decline in the 1980s (Nottingham had over 500 lace making factories, only two remained) Kula was determined to use Nottingham Lace in her contemporary designs to connect the past and the future.

Since 1998 Kula has worked with both Fewkes (sadly closed in 2012) and Cluny Lace manufacturers in Ilkeston – the only remaining Lace producer in the UK.

Kula has created collections to celebrate Nottingham Lace such as the Grace Kelly Collection (2007), Love Collection (2008) and the Heritage Collection (2009) which was showcased at the Luxury Wedding Show at the Saatchi Gallery in London (2011).

In 2011 Kula opened her first boutique in the heart of the iconic Lace Market in Nottingham. The boutique continues to showcase Kula’s love and passion for Nottingham Lace.

As part of her ongoing project “Connecting the threads of the past” Kula continues to create contemporary, inspirational and leading designs such as the Aegean Collection (2013), Siren Collection (2015), Lydia Collection (2016), Enchanted Collection (2017) and Angels Collection (2018).

Exclusive Online Collections

Bohemian Dreams (2019) is an enchanting and magical collection, featuring soft flowing tulles, stunning laces and striking silhouettes. Available online for the first time, Kula’s timeless designs can now be experienced by brides throughout the UK, Europe and the Globe!

Join us on your fabulous journey x

“One of the UK’s top Wedding Dress Designers”

“A truly inspirational wedding dress designer with her own beautiful flagship store in Nottingham’s Lace Market, Kula Tsurdiu’s creations have a certain something different about them that we can’t quite put our finger on. It could be the slight touch of wild bohemia, the fantastically detailed lacework or the clear outside-the-box thinking that’s gone into each and every design, but what we can put our finger on is the reason why.
Kula is clearly incredibly talented and has a bright future ahead of her in the wedding industry.”